Cracking the code to last mile delivery…

…or how to have your E-Commerce and Shopify e-fulfillment running smoothly and being on point. Creative971, the leading Shopify Experts in Dubai and the UAE announces the latest technology for Shopify shipments.

Does this sound like a miracle to you, looking at the UAE delivery and fulfillment options at the moment? It certainly does provide a massive advantage to all Shopify Dubai, UAE and also very soon to all Shopify GCC users.

Who? Why? And How?

We deliver you the answers right on the spot:


Mara Xpress is a delivery and fulfillment company that has been focussing in the UAE E-Commerce logistics field since early 2016 and it has managed to establish itself as the number 1 service provider. Mara Xpress has a team of logistics specialists that have worked in the industry in the region for the past 30 years and on top of that a technology team that can design and build custom solutions for you.


Logistics in the UAE and GCC is a sensitive part, looking at the recent article in the Entrepreneur Magazine, that the Julia, the CEO and co-founder of Creative971 wrote. In her article from July 2017, we can clearly see the majority of pain points in E-Commerce ecosystem of the UAE and GCC region are relating to deliveries, fulfillment, inventory stock control and auto synchronising as well as auto pushing the orders from the system to the delivery partner.

The Shopify Plugin from Mara Xpress supports:

– manually pushing the Shopify orders to Mara Xpress

– automatically pushing the Shopify orders to Mara Xpress

– be in control of your inventory through automatically synchronising the stock held in Mara Xpress warehouse as well as your Shopify store.

Looking at Shopify e-fulfillment in the UAE, we can see a clear point, as of why going with Mara Xpress, find out more about the Creative971 preferential rates in exlcusive collaboration with Mara Xpress.


Contact us to get your Shopify integration and E-Commerce fulfillment in place.We take care of your needs.

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Stay tuned for expert advice & events atound E-Commerce in the UAE & GCC

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