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An exclusive partnership with preferred rates for Creative971 customers.

Creative971 & Mara Xpress are both visionaries when it comes to the E-Commerce sector & ecosystem of the UAE and GCC. Both companies have established themselves as number 1 service providers in the E-Commerce niche, hence Creative971 & Mara Xpress work together in a smart alliance.


Mara Xpress is a business that has been running in the UAE E-Commerce logistics since the beginning of 2016 and has established itself as the number 1 service provider. Mara Xpress has a team of logistics specialists that have worked in the industry within the region for the past 30 years and a technology team that can design and build solutions per your requirements. Mara's fleet is trained, equipped and experienced, catering with both a female and a male fleet which is unique in the region.

Domestic UAE

Mara offers same day & next day delivery across the Emirates with a choice of time slots (9am to 12 noon, 12 noon to 3pm, 3pm to 6pm & 6pm to 9pm & 9am to 6pm).  Mara's diversified customer service team of “Mara Xperts”, which are all multi lingual, will confirm the most convenient delivery time with the customer. For unconfirmed shipments, Mara Xperts make multiple call attempts over 5 days from day of receiving the orders in their system, with daily reports shared to you.

Payment Solutions

You will have access to the proof of delivery as the Delivery Xpert will capture picture of receiver’s ID & electronic signature.

Cash On Delivery (COD); the customer can pay the order to Mara Delivery Xperts upon the delivery. The COD will be reconciled weekly basis and transferred to your bank account.

Credit Card On Delivery; Mara is exclusively introducing new payment option in the logistics market which gives the option for the customers to pay with credit/ debit card upon delivery directly to Mara's Delivery Xperts. This option will reduce cancellations.


Mara's secure, fully racked air-conditioned warehouses are equipped with state of the art stock management and inventory control systems that allow to be fast and efficient enabling Mara to meet your demands. The Pick & Pack solutions ensure timely delivery of your orders, caring for your inventory in a safe and secure environment, Mara is here to make fulfillment an ease.

Bespoke UAE

High-end logistic solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether it is a white label branding of Mara's fleet, Delivery Xperts or App, Mara will customize everything based on your desires.


With Mara's worldwide logistics agency network, they can import small parcels up to large pallets as a door-to-door service. Reliable express delivery with custom clearance for all dutiable goods.


Mara will cater your international customers with their worldwide logistics agency network ensuring a reliable & fast door-to-door delivery. Reliable express delivery with customs clearance for all dutiable goods.

Mara Technology

Integrate with Mara to be one step ahead of your competition, build your solutions as per your individual requirements with Creative971


Mara Xpress system supports Shopify with flexible API solutions and existing plugins for a seamless integration.

  1. Manually push orders
  2. Automatically push orders
  3. Inventory sync from Mara to Shopify


  • Customers can easily change the location, date and time of delivery
  • Pin point the exact location of the map and Mara delivers 
  • Ability to capture Emirates ID and other document
  • Electronic signature
  • Ability to access the back end data that provides full shipment history from time of dispatch at Mara Xpress facility up to delivery to your customer’s location.

Track and Trace

Tracking and tracing are possible via Mara Xpress website maraxpress.com and Mara Xpress Mobile App, which is available in Android & IOS app stores.

  • Simple
  • Clean
  • Customer-centric
  • Updated real time
  • Know where your Delivery Xpert is and track the progress of your order
  • Delivery details includes name, time and date
  • Customers can rate their delivery experience


  • Detailed dashboards and reports to keep you informed at all times
  • Mara tracks daily/hourly KPI’s to stay on top of the delivery performance
  • Access to view the history of logistics cycle (numbers of call made, attempts, delivery time)
  • In-depth reports, minimizing guess work and leaving you with more control and visibility on your deliveries
  • Reports can be easily downloaded from the merchant platform and real time updates on shipments can be seen.
Stay tuned for expert advise & events around E-Commerce in the UAE & GCC

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Stay tuned for expert advice & events atound E-Commerce in the UAE & GCC

© 2017 Creative971 FZ LLC. All Rights Reserved.